In the Midst of the Sea

Talking to God in the midst of the sea:

Recently I experienced a great hurt. I couldn’t feel anything except a deep betrayal that brought with it pain and anguish. I was so hurt I began to feel sick. So I went to the beach to talk to God. I know I can talk to God anytime, anywhere, and I do, but the beach holds special significance to me and in my relationship with God. It was around 8:30 pm and it was already dark out. It was low tide so the water was way out there and I was able to walk on the sand in the midst of the sea.

With tears streaming down my face I looked up towards the Heavens and started talking to Him. I told Him my hurt. I paced the sand questioning why. Eventually I had no more words just my tears. In that moment a thought came to me. The God that holds the Heavens, the God that created all things, holds the whole world in His hands, and yet in that very same moment He saw me. He sees me. In the middle of the ocean at that particular time He saw my grief and my anguish and He was there. Not only does He see me but He loves me.

To this day I find it hard to completely comprehend the depth and height of His love for me but I am so grateful for that moment with the Lord. I am so grateful that I was able to feel His presence in the midst of my hurt and to feel cherished and loved. I mentioned this to a special lady from church and she encouraged me to treasure this moment. To look back and remember it when I feel alone and abandoned. I am not alone. I am treasured and I am loved immeasurably by the same God who created the Heavens and the Earth. It really is not so simple to digest but I am working on it. The greatest thing is, the same God who did all of that, who spoke to me in the middle of the sea? He is the very same God who feels the same about YOU. He sees you. He KNOWS you. And He loves you. I pray you would be comforted tonight. I was not going to share this publicly but I feel like maybe there is someone who needs to hear this. Maybe there is someone who doesn’t know the love of Christ. Maybe someone is dealing with betrayal and hurt. Jesus sees your hurt. He hears your cry. He is right there with you. In the midst of the pain, in the midst of the sea. Hallelujah.

I pray we would comprehend just how vast His love for us is and that we would live and walk in His love and grace.

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