Finding My Christmas Spirit

IMG_5789Where are you Christmas?

This year has been the hardest in terms of getting into the Christmas spirit. It’s always been hard, particularly when money was tight, but this year feels really different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and I felt like something was terribly wrong. The lack of Christmas spirit alone was enough to make me dejected, but then there came conversations with people, friends and strangers, who told me that they feel Christmas is just another day. The magic of Christmas no longer shines in their lives. I felt really sad when I heard that. That’s not what it should be. Christmas is not about money or gifts.

I’ve spent days thinking about the meaning of Christmas, thinking perhaps I’d given in to the commercialization of Christmas, and thus the reason I felt this way. I tried so many different things. Hallmark movies, Christmas carols. I went to a Christmas parade. Watched classic Nothing helped. Then I remembered that I hadn’t actually been to any church services in the last month or so- I’d spent every Sunday in a library studying and doing my assignments. I started to realize that the reason I wasn’t feeling very Christmassy is because I put Christ on the back burner. I made a promise to myself that the next Sunday I would attend service, no matter what.

This past weekend I attended church for the first time in a long time and it was beautiful. I love when the entire congregation sings and yesterday we ended the service with  O Holy Night. It. Was. Magical. I went home singing carols and even when I was cleaning our apartment, I still felt a joy in my heart.

I am praying for everyone who confided in me, and am hoping they get to experience the joy of Christmas as well. I guess we now know the cure: Jesus! Once you get back to the heart of what Christmas is and why it is so special, you start to see the magic in the Hallmark movies and all those Christmas carols.

The warmest wishes to you and yours! May your Christmas truly be merry and bright, and filled with the joy and wonder that Jesus brings. May you experience His peace and comfort this season! God bless!



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