February Update + Things I’ve Learned So Far

Hey friends! It’s now February the 14h, which means it’s it’s Valentine’s Day! Happy V-Day to everyone, single or happily coupled up! While you’re taking in the love of your significant other, don’t forget to bask in the love of Jesus. He is the Greatest Valentine. It’s also been over a month since I started my No Shopping Year.

January was a good month! I didn’t shop at all. February was great too, until a few days ago. I take that back though- because it was still great! Awesome even. I had to go shopping at Target with my sisters, and I ended up buying three things for myself: a black jumpsuit, and two necklaces. I have a slight twinge of regret, but mainly, I’m so excited. I’ve really enjoyed not shopping, and at the same time, I’ve hated it. It was so hard to see new styles and just think about the upcoming spring and summer seasons while trying to remain inspired by my own closet. I saw how I could get swayed by fashion and put things on my credit card without blinking an eye. For that, I am happy, because not shopping forced me to take a look at my spending. While I hate breaking my word, to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure I could go through an entire year of this. I definitely tried.

Some things that I have learned concern my wardrobe. Mainly, I definitely don’t have a stable, capsule wardrobe. I’m not a fan of capsule wardrobes, but even so I didn’t have enough basic clothing to take me through a year. I have a lot of professional clothes, which to be honest, make me look much older than I am. I’ve gotten a few comments on my clothing from my siblings, and I really could do with updating my look for a fresher appearance. I’ve noticed that yes, some of the pieces in my closet are drab, but more than that, they’re hard to pair with other pieces in my closet. I have a limited selection of layered pieces, like denim jackets and cardigans. Speaking of cardigans, am I the only one who has a hard time styling them? A classmate once pointed out that I looked much older when I wore a particular cardigan and button down shirt combo. Don’t worry I am talking about this lightheartedly, because I can finally see it. I like the idea of being lady like and classy, but it’s clear instead I’ve kind of gone too far and started to resemble an older librarian. (Fun fact, when I was younger, I wanted to be a librarian). I think too, I’ve gotten too comfortable with dressing conservatively, to the point where it’s almost too conservative you know? I definitely think it’s time to switch things up again. I want to feel more confident, more girly, ladylike yet fun at the same time. At Target, I purchased two necklaces, a pink tassel one and a blue agate necklace. I also purchased this amazing black jumpsuit with a lace top. I’ve wanted it since December but tried to forget about it. When I tried it on, I knew it was a perfect match. It’s definitely younger, fun and still ladylike! I can’t wait to wear it.

I also learned that I don’t want to keep spending like I used to. It’s hard because all these stores have all these amazing clothes and it’s so easy to get FOMO. I know that I can’t continue like that though. So my goal is to limit my spending by a lot, but not completely. I want to be able to travel and have fun too. So, while I do feel a little bit badly not fulfilling my goal, I also know that I am slowly improving my wardrobe and in turn, my confidence. That makes it worth it for me!

Thanks for reading friends, and coming along on my journey!

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