February Update + Things I’ve Learned So Far

Hey friends! It’s now February the 14h, which means it’s it’s Valentine’s Day! Happy V-Day to everyone, single or happily coupled up! While you’re taking in the love of your significant other, don’t forget to bask in the love of Jesus. He is the Greatest Valentine. It’s also been over a month since I started my No Shopping Year. Continue reading

Happy New Year: Goals for 2018

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve spent some time thinking and praying for this new year, and I have such hope for this year. Last year was pretty amazing- I went on my first plane ride, and have done quite a few things that make me proud, but I just know this year is going to be different. This Christmas season, I feel like God has been trying to teach me a lesson on unexpected changes and change in general. It was unlike every Christmas I can remember- and I embraced it instead of rejecting it. I had such a lovely time. It was peaceful and perfect. Continue reading

Finding My Christmas Spirit

IMG_5789Where are you Christmas?

This year has been the hardest in terms of getting into the Christmas spirit. It’s always been hard, particularly when money was tight, but this year feels really different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and I felt like something was terribly wrong. The lack of Christmas spirit alone was enough to make me dejected, but then there came conversations with people, friends and strangers, who told me that they feel Christmas is just another day. The magic of Christmas no longer shines in their lives. I felt really sad when I heard that. That’s not what it should be. Christmas is not about money or gifts. Continue reading